Josh Kornbluth - Writer, performer

Bob, the Girl - Technician, musician, all-around coolness

Conrad Cimarra - Actor, designer, filmmaker

Amos Glick - Musician, clown

Capture Film and Video - run by Steve Bage, video artist and musician

Christian Cagigal - Magician

Fogbelter - political blogger

Mark Fiore - Great political cartoonist

Pietro Calogero/ Kabul Journal

The First Church of the Last Laugh

OysterGirl - Adventures with real food

Landover Baptist Church - no, really the funniest satire on the web. Make sue to listen to the sermons!


Dahr Jamail's Iraqi Dispatches

The Huffington Post

Democracy Now!

Radical Women

The Center for Justice and Accountability

Occupy Oakland

Mother Jones

Media Matters

The Young Turks

The Daily Kos

Capital Hill Blue


The San Francisco Mime Troupe

The Actor's Gang

The American Conservatory Theatre

The Berkeley Repertory Theatre

The Aurora Theatre Company

The Magic Theatre

Word for Word

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre


World Wide Theatre List (very cool list of all theatre companies)

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